Welcome To RadioReverb

RadioReverb is Brighton’s not for profit radio station, broadcasting on 97.2FM, on DAB and on-line. The radio station is the heart and sound of the local community with its team of home -grown broadcasters producing a vibrant mix of locally relevant, advert free, speech and music programmes firml

This is RadioReverb

RadioReverb started broadcasting in 2004 for two weeks during the Brighton Festival, and were then awarded a full community broadcasting licence in 2007. In 2016 we achieved a further five year extension of that licence to run until 2022.

 Our Aims

Radio Reverb aims to provide an accessible, sustainable and accountable community radio service for Brighton and Hove. Focusing on the needs of diverse groups and individuals, marginalised unrepresented by local radio, we have built a platform for discussion and empowerment through a diverse mix of locally relevant speech and music programmes, all produced by people in Brighton & Hove.

Our Values

  •  Providing a stimulating forum for learning and the expression of local ideas, informed by and promoting principles of social justice and human rights, RadioReverb aims to reflect and respond to the cultural, economic, vocational and creative needs as expressed by all members of our communities
  •  RadioReverb is committed to freedom of enquiry and the pursuit of excellence in community broadcasting, promoting intellectual integrity, open mindedness and  innovation
  • Our volunteer members' voices are central to the way in which Radio Reverb operates and the programming we deliver.

Our Achievements

  • We have built an exciting platform for discussion and empowerment through broadcasting a genuinely diverse mix of music and spoken word made by Brighton and Hove people for the people of Brighton and Hove;
  • We broadcast around fifty different shows, with a wide range of speech content and music genres and we champion live music and give bands their first break;
  • Our programming of shows includes debate, discussion and interviews, with an emphasis on giving issues of local relevance extended time so that their complexities and variety of opinions can be meaningfully explored;
  • RadioReverb has been developed as a programme led (rather than formatted) radio station that is constantly evolving with the needs, ideas, issues, changes and development of the community we serve;
  • Consistent adherence to Ofcom key commitments to satisfy contract conditions and maintain and extend Ofcom licence.

View our key commitments here: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/radiolicensing/html/radio-stations/community/cr000057ba1radioreverb.htm

Want to be a part of RadioReverb?

If you've an idea for a radio programme, either as a series or a one-off, then do get in touch using the form below or email office(at)radioreverb.com. We're looking for new shows that offer something you can't hear on the radio elsewhere, with a strong Brighton & Hove flavour. We're especially looking for weekly shows and welcome contibutions from across the city's communities.

We also offer training if you need the skills to make great radio: http://radioreverb.com/radio-training-workshops

If you'd like to offer music or interviews, you can contact individual shows direct through their page on this website. 

Went to send praise or make a complaint? Please use the contact form below or email office(at)radioreverb.com.

Please note that as RadioReverb is entirely run by volunteers, we may not be able to to get back to everyone as quickly as you would like.

Support Radioreverb

However, a radio station costs money to run - for licences, the transmitter, equipment, premises and other day-to-day costs. We don't take adverts because we don't like them and that's one of the things that makes RadioReverb different.But that also means we're dependent on our listeners and supporters to help us maintain and improve our service to Brighton & Hove.

We welcome one-off donations via the 'Donate' button on this page, or become a sustaining supporter with a monthly standing order for as little as £1 a month, or £50 a year. If you can make a standing order please contact us using the form below for more details.

If you love RadioReverb and its unique voice for the people of Brighton & Hove, then with your help we can continue making exciting, unusual and downright unpredictable radio for the next five years.

Like to Sponsor a show?

Although we don't take advertising, we do welcome local businesses to sponsor a show. 

If you'd like to find out more, please get in touch using the form below.



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