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Politics affects everyone – even if you don’t vote. The Reverb Politics Show, presented by former Brighton and Hove councillor Geoffrey Bowden, puts the men and women making the decisions under the spotlight.

This month’s show returns to health and social care in the city. However, this time the focus is on young people, their experience of accessing these services and how innovative work being carried out by Young HealthWatch Brighton and Hove and the YMCA’s Right Here project is helping to redesign the way the NHS and Social Care delivers those services to young people.

During the programme references are made to the YMCA’s Listening Labs project and the report which was published at the end of last year as a result of that work.  You may access that report HERE.

While the YMCA’s Right Here project works with young people in Brighton and Hove around mental wellbeing, here are some of the other services it often sign-posts for young people in mental health crisis:

  •, a useful portal where young people aged 12–25, can search for the different services that Brighton & Hove has to offer
  •, a site that points young people to the mental health support they need
  • Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service, which works with the specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in Brighton and Hove
  • Allsorts Youth Project, which listens, supports and connects children and young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or unsure (LGBTU) of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity
  • e-motion Brighton & Hove, a free online counselling project for young people aged 13-25 years who live in Brighton and Hove
  • Samaritans, a listening service for those in mental health crisis
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