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Starting January 14th 2018

Mental Health Matters is RadioReverb’s monthly programme focussing on mental health and wellbeing.  The January edition will be broadcast on Sunday 14th @ 3pm, Tuesday 23rd @ 9pm and Thursday 1st February @ 3am.

Counsellor and Dramatherapist, Bruce Guthrie, will be joined by a co-host to explore ideas, new and established approaches to helping others grow, recover and experience better Mental Health. The programme is made by - and for - people who’ve experienced mental illness and emotional suffering in all its forms. We will be bringing people together to share what works for them in terms of navigating their way through life’s sometimes immense challenges.

In the January edition:

We'll be meeting Paola St George from Greater Brighton Metropolitan College and hearing about the counselling skills training courses she runs at the Brighton campus.

We'll also be hearing from Marian Pashley about the ways in which roleplay actors are used to help trainee psychiatrists be more compassionate in their practice.

Come play with us!

Each month we’ll also be playing The Dedication Game. Three people who’ve never met before will be choosing music for each other based solely on their answers to our questionnaire.

1. Tell us your name and where you were born

2. What’s your favourite meal that you cook for yourself

3. Something that makes you feel excited…

4. Something that makes you feel fearful

5. And you’re most likely to…

6. And you’re least likey to…

7. Finally – tell us your guiding motto

Based only on these answers we’ll hear the music they’ve chosen for each other. We’ll hear them give and receive their musical gifts and whether they’re just right – or perhaps just not. Crucially we’ll hear them give themselves their dedication, and why they’ve chosen as they have.

For our first episode Mark, Alyson and Kit were brave enough to give it a go!

If you’d like to play The Dedication Game or want to take part in the programme use the contact form below and we’ll come back to you just as soon as we can

Meet Bruce

As part of the preparation for this programme Bruce was interviewed by Radio Reverb's Ben Noble about how he became a therapist...

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