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Brighton bred punk rock / now wave singer songwriter Tara Rez hosts her weekly shows of favorite tunes , news and chats from the ever strengthening DIY alternative music community.

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Tonights Show & Playlist on Radio Reverb:  24 July 2017

Show list for tonight & Weds 11pm #radioreverb #punk #radio #punkrock #newwave

This week's show focus's on the last known interview with Joey Ramone and the Ramones life in a one our radio rockumentary featuring Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone & Joe Strummer.

Come hear their thoughts and listen to the tunes !

Special Credits for this week's show :

1) Joey Ramone - The Last Known Interview

DECEMBER 2000 - Interviewed by Michael Blatter, Directed by Michael Davis

2) Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

3) Ramones End Of The Century - DVD:






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