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Brighton bred punk rock / now wave singer songwriter Tara Rez hosts her weekly shows of favorite tunes , news and chats from the ever strengthening DIY alternative music community.

Mondays at 8pm Repeat Wednesdays at 11pm

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Tonights Show & Playlist on Radio Reverb:  20 March 2017

Show list for tonight & Weds 11pm #radioreverb #punk #radio #punkrock #newwave

Show list

1. I just cant be Happy Today The Damned
2. Vox Teardrop - Ruts DC
3.  Im afraid of Americans
4. Aint it Fun - Dead Boys
5.  A Forest - The Cure
6.  Eyes Without A Face - Billy Idol
7.  Last Train To TRanscentral - KLF
8.  Killer - Admaski & Seal
9.  Throw Your Hands Up - The Teddy Bears Ft Elephant Man
10.  In Cythera - Killing Joke
11. Reset - Atari Teenage Riot
12 Spitfire - The Prodigy
13. Banana Splits - The Dickies
14.  Break for Love - Raze
15. Common People - Pulp



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