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Politics affects everyone - even if you don't bother to vote. The Reverb Politics Show, presented by former Brighton and Hove councillor Geoffrey Bowden, puts the men and women making the decisions under the spotlight.

March's edition of the Reverb Politics Show sponsored by Crunch looks at the rough sleeper crisis in Brighton and Hove.    

We hear from Steve, a former rough sleeper made good; Andy Winter, of Brighton Housing Trust, and three local politicians who talk about how party differences are being put aside to tackle the crisis in the city.

During the programme a number of contact details are given out.  These are:

Street Link: Let StreetLink know if you’re concerned about someone sleeping rough. The details will be used to help connect the person to local services and support. Call 0300 500 0914

Make Change Count campaign: Homeless charities in Brighton & Hove have joined together to raise awareness of how to help people living rough on the streets.

Donate: You can donate at 

Volunteering: There are a number of charities working with the homeless 

Brigton Housing Trust, whose mission is combating homeless, creating opportunities and promoting change, provides essential services across Brighton & Hove, Eastbourne and Hastings, as well as elsewhere in Sussex.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary supports homeless young people in the city. Volunteers help deliver their services, including information and advice to young people who are homeless and insecurely housed.

St Anne’s Day Centre offers a warm, safe and friendly environment where people are made to feel welcome and have a chance to eat, relax and socialise. Their volunteers help prepare and serve meals, along with playing games and talking to their clients.

Safehaven welcomes and supports vulnerable men and women in Brighton & Hove. Safehaven likes to meet volunteers to identify their passions and skills before they help out.

YMCA DownsLink Group provides supported accommodation and organises community projects. Along with general volunteering roles, the charity also have specific opportunities for young people aged 16 to 25 years old.

Private building owners: If you own a building which could be used as temporary shelter for rough sleepers (see story in The Argus) get in touch with Cllr Tom Druitt HERE.

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