The Groove Factory

Music is the food of life, and we've got the munchies. The Groove Factory Sessions will showcase the best in Brighton bands, with the number one rule being quality, not genre. Listen in every Friday 7-8pm

Where there's good music, Ben and James will find it. Both work in the local music industry, scouting bands at concerts and scouring albums for those hidden gems so you don't have to. Their taste in music is as diverse as it gets, so for the Groove Factory Sessions you can expect to hear live music from across the spectrum, from rock to jazz, from soul to hip-hop, from funk to afrobeat, recorded in hi-fidelity at a local studio.

They'll also be keeping a tab on the local music scene, previewing tracks from exciting gigs and inviting performers and promoters into the studio to discuss the latest news. The show aims to represent the diversity in Brighton's music scene, so you never know what you're going to get, but it'll be the best Ben and James can find.

If you'd like to play live for the Groove Factory, or are doing something remarkable in the local music scene and want to talk with us about it, contact the presenters here.


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Ears Wide Open

Paul Wilson Jazz and Obscurity Skanks, live on Saturday 4-5pm, repeated Wednesday 9pm, Tuesday 4pm, Sunday 5am, Monday 3am.


The only beer and brewing show in the UK broadcasting on FM radio. The show is broadcast live at 3pm on the 4th Sunday of every month. You can listen again at your leisure via the media player below.
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