RadioReverb Listeners Survey

In December 2013 we conducted a survey of our listeners. We wanted to know your listening habits, what you like – and don’t like – about RadioReverb, what else you listen to, and when you listen.

The survey was distributed via Twitter and Facebook, so it’s self-selecting, not a random survey. Percentages are rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.In total, 202 people answered the survey. Thank you very much for taking the time to complete it, as it really helps us when talking to potential sponsors and grant-givers, and gives us guidance on what you like – and don’t like too!

RadioReverb would also like to thank The Duke of York’s Cinema and Brighton Dome for their generous support in this survey by offering tickets for the prize draw.

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Melita Dennett

March 2014

1. Radio listening in general

We asked about people listening to radio in general, and if you listen to RadioReverb specifically.

198 people responded to this question, of whom:

152 people (77%) listen to the radio (not just RadioReverb) most days

7% (14 people) had heard of RadioReverb but had not listened to it before, and 3% (6 people) had never heard of RadioReverb before.

2. What radio (including internet radio) do you listen to?

191 people responded. Note that percentages don’t add up to 100, as you could choose as many as you wanted. We suggested a number of stations, and respondents could add as many others as they wish.

BBC Radio 4 & 4 Extra is the most popular station with 162 responses (85%). RadioReverb was next with 135 responses (70%) followed by BBC Radio 6 Music at 50% (95 respondents).

The next strongest showing is Fip (interesting as it’s not on FM in Brighton & Hove at the moment, but this response suggests a fondness for it) with 36% (69 responses).

Then the responses even out to a share between 5 Live, BBC Radio 1 and local stations. BBC Sussex showed at 61 people (32%), Juice were at 21% (39 listeners) and Heart at 22 people (12%).

Podcast listening was at 25% (48 people), and 47 people specified internet radio, both UK and global (25%).

Overall, more than fifty individual stations or internet streams were mentioned, showing that our listeners have a broad taste in listening habits.

3. How long have you been listening to RadioReverb?

155 people responded, of whom 120 (77%) have been listening for more than a year, 13% (20 people) within the past year, and 15 (10%) only recently.

4. Where and how do you listen to RadioReverb?

Note that these responses don’t add up to 100%, as the same people listen in different ways.

153 people responded, and 104 (68%) listen at home. 40 people (26% listen on a domestic FM radio, but a surprising number listen via the internet – 56% (86 people), and a further 36 people (26% listen via handheld mobile devices.

44% (67 people) listen on FM in a car, 28 people (18%) listen at work.

5. How often, and when do you listen to RadioReverb?

Most people (77 people, 50%) dip in and out of listening, or tune in to hear a specific show (37 people, 41%) or to hear a friend interviewed or specific local band (52 people, 34%).

51 people (33%) flip between RadioReverb and other favourite radio station(s), 7 people (5%) occasionally come across it when running through the dial, 12% (18 people) mainly listen to RadioReverb, 7 people (5%) hear it when a friend or family member is listening,

We also asked when people listen. Again, these don’t add up to 100% as people will listen over different times, but the most popular time is early evening (5pm-7pm) with 33 people (21%), followed by Afternoon (12 noon-5pm) at 12% (19 people), Evening (7pm-midnight) at 12% (18 people), Morning (9am-12 noon) 17 people, (11%), Early morning (6-9am) at 10% (16 people), Overnight (midnight-6am) 3 people (2%).

We asked about your listening habits over weekdays and weekends. 34 people (27%) listen at random times, 30 people (20%) listen both weekdays and weekends, 19 people (12%) listen mainly during the week, and 14 people (9%) listen mainly at weekends.

6. What do you like and dislike about RadioReverb?

150 people responded. Overwhelmingly, you like that it’s local – 124 people (83%). 71% of you also like that there are no adverts (106 people). 88 people (59%) use RadioReverb find out more about events that are happening in Brighton & Hove.

64 people (43%) like to hear voices of local people, 73 people (49%) said RadioReverb doesn't sound like any other local station, and 72 people (48%) like the way there are no playlists.

57% of you (85 people) said the presenters sound like real people, while 26% (39 people) said RadioReverb encourages you to get more involved in things happening locally and 31% (46 people) said It makes you feel more engaged in what happens in Brighton & Hove.

6 people (4%) said there's too much talk, 3 people (2%) want to hear more mainstream music, 3 people (2%) say It's too unpredictable, while 67 people (45%) like the way it's unpredictable, and 50% (75 people) often hear something that surprises you.

5 people (3%) say RadioReverb is not diverse enough, while 68 people (45%) say it represents Brighton & Hove's diversity better than other local stations. 20% (29 people) say you trust what you hear, 74 people (50%) say it treats the listener as an intelligent person, 64 people (43%) say RadioReverb covers stories, music and events that no other local station does, and 66 people (44) say It takes chances.

64 people (43%) like to hear local bands on the radio, and 33 people (22%) like to hear people you know on the radio.

18 people (12%) find it annoying when presenters sound unprofessional, 29 people (20%) said radio reception is not good enough.

7. What kind of things do you like to hear on the radio?

160 people responded. Events happening locally, e.g. festivals, gigs were popular with 71% of respondents (114 people), followed by non-mainstream music enjoyed by 105 people (66%), arts & cuture at 68% (108 people). 95 people (58%) like to hear local stories and voices and 83 people (52%) like to find out about Community activities e.g. volunteering, protests.

Of music genres, 43% (69 people) like to hear world music, 21% (33 people) like rap/ hiphop, 88 people (55%) like local bands, 50 people (31%) like dance music/ drum 'n' bass.

65 people (41%) like electronic music, 61 people (38%) like country/ folk, 69 people (43%) like funk/ soul/ reggae, 86 people (54%) like rock/ punk/ indie, 55 people (34%) like jazz, 71 people (44%) like Experimental music, 26 people (16%) like pop, 58 people (36%) like rock n roll/ rockabilly.

Of programme types, 37 people (23%) like programmes by and about people with disabilities, 34 people (21%) like programmes by and about people from Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, 33 people (21%) like programmes by and about older people, 23 people (14%) like to hear about sport and 39 people (21%) specifically I like to hear news & opinion about Brighton & Hove Albion, 46 people (29%) like programmes by and about LGBT people.

Other comments were:

It's a shame that classical music doesn't even warrant its own box to tick yet 'experimental' does;

Love the gardening show;

Politics and world news;

I think a variety is the only way with a good community radio;

Interviews, film related content;

Really like In Brighton shows and hearing about local people. I often don't check out what is upcoming on the show so it's nice to just come across these interesting local stories;

Non-signed bands;

Jeff Hemmings’ show;

All un mainstream music being represented is important to me;


Please please please provide play lists on radio reverb;

Particularly local bands and local people talking about what they care about;

Specific shows for example would be: The Bump'n'scuff show, Casbah Rockers, Trainspotters, Comedy Social;

I really like the Sunday shows especially the one hosted by people with disabilities and the Cuban/Salsa type show;


Rock and indie music;
Unsigned artists;

Phone ins.

8. About you

169 people responded. 132 of those (78%) live in Brighton & Hove. Of the 33 people (20%) who live outside, where you specified it, you live in Hassocks, Uckfield, Cuckfield, Worthing, Cheam, Cambridge, Shoreham, Stockholm, Northants, Zurich, Lewes, Dunstable, Russia, Haywards Heath, NW England, Hurstpierpoint, Redhill.

89% (53 people) work in Brighon & Hove. 46 people (27%) work in an office, 45 people (27%) work in the arts/ cultural/ creative sector, 5 people (3%) study in Brighton & Hove, 5 people (3%) work in the pub/ catering/ hospitality sector, 17 people (10%) work in IT.

10 people (6%) work full-time bringing up a child/children, 33 people (20%) work in media/ journalism, 5 people (3%) work in a customer-centred job such as a shop, call centre, cinema, library, 11 people (7%) are looking for work, 17 people (10%) work in the voluntary sector, 14 people (8%) work for the council.

Other professions mentioned were: teaching/ lecturing, self-employed, police, professional musician, NHS, Nuclear Waste Science/Management, taxi driver, truck driver, civil servant, electrician, canal Inspector, dance teacher.

129 people (76%) enjoy going out to pubs, clubs, live music, 121 people (72%) enjoy going out to cinema, theatre, 111 people (66%) enjoy going out to special cultural events such as Brighton Festival & Fringe, Black History Month, 135 people (80%) like the quirkiness and diversity of Brighton & Hove.

75 respondents (45%) identify as male, 73 respondents (43%) identify as female. 1 person identifies as Trans*, 3 people as gender queer,

Most respondents were aged 36-50 (81 people, 48%). 36 people (21%) are age 26-35, 9 people (5%) are 18-25, 1 is under 16, 19% (32 people) are 50-60, and 5 people (3%) are age 60+.

102 respondents  (60%) identify as straight/ heterosexual, 19 people (11%) identify as bisexual, 13 people (8%) identify as lesbian/ gay woman, 6 people (4%) identify as gay, 3 people identify as queer.

3 respondents identify as of Black/ Minority Ethnic origin, 9 people (5%) identify as mixed race, while 93 respondents (55%) identify as of white origin.

9. Other comments

We invited you to make any further comments, both positive and critical. This is what you said:

I love to tune in not knowing what to expect. Always something of interest and usually a bit different. Love it;

I love the diversity of music on radio reverb, you have some brilliant shows, though some presenters like to pontificate a bit too much overall quality is excellent. I would not listen to any other music station. Oh & ads are too annoying on any other station, too;

I've discovered some great new music - Jeff Hemmings;
I've rediscovered lots of old new favourites - Phil Jones & Ears Wide Open;

I listen to the Albion Roar via Podcast as I live out of the B&H area;

I like the range of music, interesting, eclectic and mostly to my taste, certainly not mainstream, repetitive rubbish. And the way it promotes the local music scene and events. Good on ya !

Albion Roar;

Radio reception via internet is ... too sharp? not much of bass? (I'm sorry I can't describe it better...);

it's great!  I've heard some brilliant comedy. i wonder if  there a guide to look up whats on?

I like listening to music that I haven't heard before;

There are no adverts;

I like the fact that Radio Reverb will often play songs without annoying radio edits.  It is a real annoyance to me the amount of radio edits of songs on other radio stations - the majority of which seem pointless and I feel treat the listener as unintelligent;

I do like the variety of presenters, but some can tend to talk too much and not really say a lot;

I appreciate the variety of musical genres, but some  programmes play music which I don't see why it is on Reverb (pop etc), but I don't worry about it, if I don't like it I'll listen to something else.  I understand that others do like it;

There can be too many repeats of programmes;

I's just wonderfully eclectic!

Like mix of music styles, shows;

I like Liz Edwards and Donald’s show on cultural events coming up in Brighton and Hove;


It's nice that presenters are amateur, but some visibly struggle - it would be good to provide presenter training, as there can be a lot of bumbling, which is not always endearing;

Not enough mainstream alternative. Way too much dubstep and weird remix nonsense. That's just not my thing. Talking shows are fantastic though;

Albion Roar;

Specific interest: The Albion Roar podcast;

Pelirocco Platters;

NB When I say it is annoying when presenters sound unprofessional - it is merely referring to those that are not all of them!

 love that the presenters sound unprofessional, that is part of the beauty of it!  A great mix of music, some great shows;

Like the fact the presenters turn up at local events and know the local music and arts scene - feels genuine, grassroots.


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